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About Pet Advisor
As pet owners and pet lovers ourselves, we often struggled to find what we were looking for. When we found a local business or service, we had no idea if they were reputable, or whether we should entrust our pet to the unknown. So we decided to create Pet Advisor to help everyone make sound informed decisions.
Pets really are part of the family and as such we want the very best for them. Our mission statement is simple; “To offer the very best in online pet directories and reviews”.

We encourage you to rate and review your experiences in the hope others can benefit from yours.

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Your pet can’t talk, so speak for them.
We’re now running a fantastic monthly promotion on Every month we’re holding a raffle for £20 worth of vouchers. To enter, simply write a genuine review based on your own experiences, and we’ll enter you automatically. Winners will be notified by email and we’ll post here and on our facebook page too. Terms and conditions apply, ask for details.

We also give away 50p to charity for every genuine review, so you can help there too.

Online reviews have become an integral process for internet users looking for trusted products and services. Pet owners really value what others say, sharing your experiences will undoubtedly help pet owners feel comfortable with their choice. They connect us to the seller and help us remove the guess work by making informed choices for our beloved pets. So review your experiences now…

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“We bought a throw ball and stick, the one where you can pick the ball up with it. It’s brill, works a treat, and got some dog treats too. They were very helpful, thank you.”

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